Power Platform AI Assistants Toolbox


🎁 Introducing the Power Platform AI Assistants Toolbox! πŸŽ„ A Christmas gift for the Power Platform community consisting of 18 GPT powered AI assistants for developers and testers.

 πŸŽ‰Inspired by the incredible XrmToolbox and its array of amazing tools, this toolkit is created using PowerApps, AI Builder, GPT and Copilot Studio.
πŸ‘©‍πŸ’»πŸ€– A big shoutout to the Microsoft Power Platform team for providing us with the toolset to build these powerful assistants, and to the talented creators of XrmToolbox tools.

Here is a list of 18 tools:
PowerFX Formula Assistant
PowerFX Explainer
PCF Controls Assistant
Dataverse Data Model Assistant
Test Case Assistant
REST API Automation Assistant
EasyRepro Automation Assistant
FakeXrmEasy  Automation Assistant
FetchXml Assistant
FetchXml to Query Expression Assistant
FetchXml to Dynamics 365 OData Conversion Assistant
FetchXml Explainer
SQL to FetchXml Assistant
Power Pages Liquid Assistant
JSON to C# Assistant
PowerApps and Dynamics 365 Client Script Assistant
Dynamics 365 Plugins and Workflows Assistant
Dataverse REST Builder Assistant

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