Call custom JavaScript functions from PowerApps Canvas App

In this video I will show you can call custom JavaScript functions in Canvas apps.

This allows the user to call only the Javascript functions that are exposed by PCF Control. User can select the function they want to execute by choosing function in the functionName dropdown of PCF control.

You can find the links to the source code and the solution file below:
Source Code
PCFControls/pcfjs at master · srirambalajigit/PCFControls · GitHub

Solution File Link
PCFControls/ at master · srirambalajigit/PCFControls · GitHub

Importing the PCF Control to Powerapps

Below are the steps to use the functions in Canvas app.
1. Navigate to
2. Click on Solutions in Navigation Menu.
3. Click on “Import” button and chose to import the solution.
4. Once the Solution is imported, follow the steps in the video on how to use these functions in Canvas app.


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