Color Picker PCF Control

Color Picker PCF control allows the user to pick the color and  changes the background color of the message with selected color. It also displays the color code of the color selected.

We will walk through the steps of creating Color Picker control and using it in Dynamics 365.

Creating Control Project

    1.  Open Visual Studio 2017 command prompt and execute the below command to create a new PCF project.

namespace – namespace for controls Eg SriramControls
name – Name of the control
template – field or dataset. For this control we will chose field template.

This will create a folder called ColorPicker and inside this folder we have 2 files: ControlManifest.Input.xml and index.ts

2.       Run “npm install” to install the dependencies. 

Understanding the Manifest file
Manifest file is a metadata file that defines the component. It contains:
  •           Data that can be configured, field or dataset
  •           Properties of control that can be configured in CRM UI by the user.
  •           List of resource files that the component needs

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <control namespace="SriramControls" constructor="ColorPicker" version="0.0.3" display-name-key="SriramControls.ColorPicker" description-key="Color Picker Control by Sriram" control-type="standard">
         <property name="color" display-name-key="Color" description-key="Default Color." of-type="SingleLine.Text" usage="bound" required="true" />
      <code path="index.ts" order="1"/>
      <css path="css/ColorPicker.css" order="1" />
      <resx path="strings/ColorPicker.1033.resx" version="1.0.0" />
Property node defines a configurable piece of data that control expects from CRM UI. 

Understanding the index.ts file
Index.ts contains the source for the Color Picker custom component. It contains following methods:
init – Used to initialize the control instance
updateview - Called when any value in the property bag has changed.
Getoutputs – Called by the framework prior to control receiving new data
Destroy – called when the control is to be removed from DOM.

Building and testing control
Once we have developed the code for the control, we can build using the command “npm run build”.

After building, we can test the control locally before deploying to CRM using “npm start” command which opens the control in browser.


Deploying the control to CRM
1    Create a CDS solution project using command below:
pac solution init --publisherName sriramcontrols -–customizationPrefix sbctl

2     Add control reference to CDS project using the following command
 pac solution add-reference -–path "C:\Work\PCF\MyPCFControls\ColorPicker"

3      Execute the following commands to generate solution file which can be deployed to CRM.
    msbuild /t:restore

   4    Import the solution file to CRM and publish customizations.

Use the PCF control on CRM Form
  Create a  custom field called Color with type Single Line of Text and drop it  twice on Account Form. Rename the Display name of second field as “Color Code”

Select the Color field properties and Add Control and chose ColorPicker Control

3  Select Web, Phone and tablet as shown below.
Navigate to Account Form in CRM and click on Color and pick color. This will change the color of message and also display the Color Code.

You can find source for this control at Github.


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