Autocomplete PCF Control

Autocomplete control provides the user an easy way to select a value from a predefined list of values and automatically filters the values based on what the user types.

You can find the links to the source code and the solution file below:

Solution File Link

Using the Autocomplete Control in Dynamics 365
Below are the steps to use the control in Dynamics 365.
1. Import the solution to CRM
2. Open the Account Form in Form Designer.
3. Select the “Address 1 Country/Region” field and click on “Change Properties”.

4. Go to Controls tab and click on “Add Control”.

5. Select Web, Phone and Tablet radio buttons.
6. Set the Options property with list of options separate by comma. Eg Angola,Austria,Australia.

7. Set the background color property to change the color for the Autocomplete control
8. Navigate to Account form in CRM and select the country from the autocomplete control.


  1. Hi ,

    I'm new to PCF..For input of-type optionset how to get the text value.

    "raw" will give the option set Value,but I need to get the text..Is it possible.. Thanks in Advance

  2. Is there a way to change it to bind it to a dataverse table entries, so that the OOB Autocomplete which has bugs can be replaced ?


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